Programme schedule: May 27
Registration time: From 11:40am
Registration venue: Kaiyo Nature Museum “Marine Jam” (海洋自然博物館マリンジャム)

Parking: Car parking available by reserving in advance (free)
There will be changing rooms where you get ready and gear up etc.

12:00 Board the shuttle bus (from Kaiyo Nature Museum)
12:20 Arrive at the Start venue. Opening ceremony. Race briefing. (The Start venue is Mazenoka auto Campsite
1pm Race starts
4:30 Race finishes
4:30 – 5pm Award ceremony at Kaiyo Nature Museum


Race details

1) Race: Approx. 17km course. The race is timed. Swimming comprises approx. 25% of the race course.

2) Teams: Entrants must compete in pairs (i.e., a team of 2 people). Each team reach all the checkpoints and the goal point together. Each person in the team must not be more than 10m away from each other, i.e., you must stick with your partner within a 10m radius
3) Categories: (i) male pair (ii) female pair (iii) mixed pair (male/female)

4) Participating criteria – you must be over 18 years old and can swim. You should have experience of open water swimming or triathlons.

5) Equipment you will need:

Keep in mind that whatever you use must be carried throughout the whole race.

【Per Person】

- suitable wetsuit. Please note that the average air temperature in May for this area (Shishikui region) is 19.2℃ and the average water temperature is 20.5℃.

- Flotation aid (i.e., a manual inflatable flotation device, swim buoy,This should be one which you can float with. Anything 100cm x 50cm or bigger is not permitted, e.g., personal raft etc.).
- Whistle

【Per Team】

- Waterproof first aid kit
- Compass (watch compass is permitted)
- Waterproof bag (for the map course, water, gels. etc.)
-Swim paddle

-Pull Buoy

-Gloves (for protect from injury)

Not allowed

- swim fins with over 15 cm length og the blade section.



6) Equipment supplied by the race organizer: swim cap, race bib, course map

7) Aid: aid stations will be provided at 1st cut off cjheckpoint (2 cups / person). Please carry yourdself id you think any other water or food needed.

Checkpoint/Course marking: Checkpoints will be marked on the map distributed on the day.

Between the checkpoints, the route to get there is entirely up to you. There will be no course markers.

9) Cut-off point: Each checkpoint will have a designated cut-off time within which you must arrive by. Those teams who do not make the final cut-off barrier will be transported to the goal by car. 1st cut off checkpoint: 14:50p.m., 2nd cut off checkpoint:16:00


10) Goal time-limit: You must reach all checkpoints within the designated time limit and finish the overall course in 3hours 30 minutes (you cannot go straight to the goal line. You must check in at the various checkpoints in addition to completing within the overall time limit).

11) Timekeeping: The race is timed but it will be manually timed (i.e., no timer chips will be issued/worn)

12) Awards: The 1st to 3rd winners in male and female categories will be awarded. A supplementary prize will be given to only the 1st winner in each category.

13) Cancellation: Due to the nature of outdoor sports, the course may be changed or the race may be cancelled due to a number of conditions including weather etc. The race organizers will make the decision as to whether the race goes ahead or not at 5pm the day before the race day, according to the latest weather forecast. The decision will be announced on the race website. Even if the race goes ahead, it may be cancelled if there are sudden weather changes. In the case of race cancellation, please note that the entry fee will not be refunded.

14) Referee/Judges: A referee will be appointed by the race director and race organization. All participants will follow the instructions of the referee. The referee may determine if a participant should discontinue from the race due to fatigue, physical condition etc. The referee’s direction must be followed if you are declared by the referee to be unfit to continue/finish.


15) Obligation: Participants must follow the directions of staff and organizers. If another participant is injured or there is an incident, please report it to race staff.

16) Waiver of liability: Any incidents/injuries during the course of the race is NOT the responsibility of the race organizers. All participants are responsible for their own actions.

17) Manner/Conduct: All participants must respect other athletes, race organizers, hosts and sponsors and residents of the race area

18) Course trial run: Land route is possible. Please be considerate of residents in the local area. Please also be considerate of people in local fishing areas during the swim entry and swim.


Disqualification: The following will amount to disqualification, failure to comply with the above race content and rules in violation of the race rules and not following the directions and instructions of the referee, staff, and race organizers –

It is prohibited to receive assistance from others during the race –

Anyone found to be destructive of nature or the environment, will be immediately disqualified. (e.g., no littering, tree damage, ocean littering, damage to property etc.)


Other notes:

-Race details may be subject to change. Please check the website for updates to race info and content.

-If you are injured during the race, the race organizer may carry out initial first aid treatment and relief, but takes no other responsibility. However, an accident insurance that the organizer has subscribed will cover the case.-Bring your health insurance with you on the race day.-The race organizer reserves the right to use and publish photos, pictures andarticles which may appear in newspapers, TV and the Internet, other publication rights etc. in relation to the event including images of participants (photographers authorized by the organizer wear an armband).

Kaiyo swimrun race details (27 May 2017)

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