Programme schedule: May 28

Registration time: From 7:50am

Registration venue: Kaiyo Nature Museum “Marine Jam” (海洋自然博物館マリンジャム)


8:30 Opening ceremony. Race briefing.

8:50 Changing clothes to get ready and gear up. Baggage storage.

9:10 Confirming 3 km-race participants.

9:30 3 km-race starts.

11:10 Award ceremony for 3 km-race. 

11:20 Confirming 1.5 km-race participants.

11:40 1.5 km-race starts

12:40 Award ceremony for 1.5 km-race.

Race details

  1. Races: The races are timed in each designated course

  2. Categories: (i) 3 km male (ii) 3 km female (iii) 1.5 km male (iv) 1.5 km female

  3. Equipment you will need

- Wetsuit recommendable to avoid body temperature drop and injuries (on your own responsibility)

- Emergency floatation aid recommendable

- Marine boots recommendable to avoid a risk of foot injuries caused by a shell at around the start and finish points.

*Please note that the average air temperature in May for this area (Shishikui region) is 19.2℃ and the average water temperature is 20.5℃.

  1. Goal time-limit: None. (However, if you are obviously far behind other competitors, you may be instructed to withdraw from the race based on the judge’s decision).

  2. Timekeeping: The race is timed with a timer chip. (a race completion certificate will be immediately issued.)

  3. Awards: The 1st to 3rd winners in male and female categories will be awarded.

  4. Cancellation: Due to the nature of outdoor sports, the course may be changed or the race may be cancelled due to a number of conditions including weather etc. The race organizers will make the decision as to whether the race goes ahead or not at 5pm the day before the race day, according to the latest weather forecast. The decision will be announced on the race website. Even if the race goes ahead, it may be cancelled if there are sudden weather changes. In the case of race cancellation, please note that the entry fee will not be refunded.



The following will amount to disqualification:

- Failure to comply with the above race content and rules.

- In violation of the race rules and not following the directions and instructions of the referee, staff, and race organizers.

- Deviating from the designated course or being destructive of nature or the environment.

- Not wearing the IC chip.


Other notes

-Race details may be subject to change. Please check the website for updates to race info and content.

-In this outdoor sports, please enjoy choosing suitable wear to the field (enable to prevent body temperature drop even at a low air temperature or in rough weather) as part of the race.

-In some weather conditions, it may get very cold. Protect yourself against cold weather even before and after the race. A plastic bag with your racing number on it will be provided to put your warm-up wear. We will keep the bag during the race and return it to you after the race finishes.

-Be sure to bring your garbage back home.

-If you are injured during the race, the race organizer may carry out initial first aid treatment and relief, but takes no other responsibility. However, an accident insurance the organizer has subscribed will cover the case.

-Bring your health insurance card with you on the race day.

-The race organizer reserves the right to use and publish photos, pictures and articles which may appear in newspapers, TV and the Internet in relation to the event, including images of participants, and other publication rights etc.

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